Online Education Now Main Stream

April 29, 2013 ·

Just 15 years ago, getting an education online was rare. As of 2011, according to the Sloan Consortium and the Babson Survey Research Group, there were over six million students taking one or more online courses!

According to Elaine Allen, Co-Director of the Babson Survey Research Group and Professor of Statistics & Entrepreneurship at Babson College, the number of students registering for online courses is 10 times that of campus education registrations.

Another interesting tid bit of information is that 65% of higher education school and college administrators have stated that online programs are an important part o their long-term growth strategy.

With these statistics in mind, it's quite probable that you too may be seeking an education online and if so, as with campus schools, it is important that you take the right steps with regard to finding the school that is best for you.

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